•    Gold(Oz)  $2,325.94   
  •    Silver(Oz)  $29.51   
  •    Platinum(Oz)  $1,005.66   
  •    Palladium(Oz)  $984.49   

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Myan Silver Doubloon with 24k Gold Gilded Pyramid


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This item is a Gabriel Gold hand forged 24k Gold $100 Myan Pyramid Doubloon.  This rare collectible is one of six in our golden pyramid series.

The doubloon is made of .999 Fine Silver ranging in weight from 7-8 grams.   The pyramid is gilded in 24k Gold.  The doubloon is numbered and comes with cloud verifiable COA.

Each work of art can be verified using its unique certification code from our Gabriel Gold member website.  Limited edition. Production of this series ends 11/30/15.  Order now!